We completed our first online activist training with 20 participants from 13 different cities within the scope of the European Union Sivil Düşün Bizi Bağlayan Şeyler Özel Desteği.

During the 13-day training, we discussed topics such as patriarchy, women’s movement, feminism, labor, education, politics, violence, shelters, LGBTI +, consent culture, masculinity, and non-formal education methods in the context of gender. During our training, we used different online tools such as Zoom, Miro, Kahoot, Menti, Padlet.

The workshops took place with the presentations and activities of İYADER activists Merve Demircan, Büşra Tufan, Zeren İşsevenler, Semahat Dicle Maybek, Mehmet Burak Demircan, Rıza Yılmaz, Atilla Yardaş and Buruç Parlak.

As a training outcome, our new İYAGENDER activists will organize similar workshops in their locals. You can follow our Instagram stories for the announcements of the workshops that will start in the coming days.