We’re stronger in this new period with our first Interns. We are very excited to plan and carry out projects together, receive their support and contributions, and share our knowledge and experience with them. At the same time, our interns, who are also Iyagender Activists continuing to provide gender training, are very happy to be here.
Büşra Tufan, who holds a master’s degree in Sociology at METU, says that her ideas and opinions are valuable here. She also says that she feels good and useful here because she has gained more experience in the field and has developed civil society knowledge.
Rıza Yılmaz, who holds a master’s degree in Social Work at Ankara University, says that working for social improvement in Iyader, which he met with the Iyadender project, feels good for him. He also says that he is excited to be able to work more actively for the dissemination of the Iyagender project and to be able to write new projects on different topics.
We’re just as happy and excited as they are. We hope to spend a fabulous period together.