Yaşama Sığınan Kadınlar Çalıştayı has been implemented by the Sivil Düşün Support and the Humane Life and Democratic Society Association. This workshop was carried out in order to gather the institutions/organizations/NGOs working in this field in the framework of a workshop on the protection of women who are subjected to all kinds of violence and who remain in shelters after their stay in shelters, and to prepare a draft law on women’s shelter and to present it to the assembly. Yaşama Sığınan Kadınlar Çalıştayı took place in Ankara on 25-26-27 November. 35 people from 29 different institutions / NGOs participated in the workshop to determine the items they could improve by examining the existing legislation in order to be able to draft a draft law on the rights of women to leave their shelters. As a result of the workshop, a 10-item draft law on women’s rights to shelter and employment was prepared. Lobby and advocacy of this law design was made and the parliament was presented with the support of approximately 350 public institutions / organizations and non-governmental organizations. The draft law has been reviewed by the relevant commission and feedback has been given. IYADER will continue to lobby and defend this law by bringing the design into action.