Our Activities

The HumaneLife and Democratic Society Association is a non-governmental organization that has been working on rights-based activities in Ankara Yenimahalle region since 2014, especially its own local area. Since the day it was established, it has been actively engaged in activities to promote women’s human rights and gender equality in schools. In this context, it is planning and carrying out its activities in the following priority areas:

  • To carry out studies on youth rights and women’s human rights
  • To carry out studies on Gender Equality, especially the schools in the region
  • To support the education and employment opportunities of women who have experienced violence / abandonment and / or abandonment in shelters
  • To ensure participation of young people in decision-making mechanisms
  • Preparing and executing the campaign
  • Lobby & advocacy activities

Our Association aims to conduct activities / projects / activities aimed at analyzing the needs of all disadvantaged groups in the framework of human rights and eliminating living problems so that any kind of discrimination can be removed.

While carrying out these activities, it cooperates with national and international non-governmental organizations, public institutions and private sector as well as transferring their own work to different groups and transferring the experiences of other institutions / organizations to their own experiences.